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Cream Cologne After Shave

door Nishman
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The NISHMAN Aftershave Cream & Cologne is a unique hybrid made up of 2-in-1 products of balm and cologne that’s a must have products in every man’s shaving kit. The cream is non-oily texture that penetrates the skin quickly. Formulated with active natural resources that help prevents inflammation, soreness, redness and provides a feeling of freshness, gives an instant relief and revitalises the skin immediately. Made from non-greasy moisturising modules. This family sized bottle is formulated for all types of skin. It’s light and easily absorbed. 400ml.

Product Features:

• Alleviates Skin Dryness

• Ideal for all types of skin

• Comes in a family sized bottle

• Rich, creamy and easily absorbed

• Comforts your skin with two layers

• 2-in-1 Formula Cream Cologne Balm

• Provides Protection against razor burn

• Calms irritations and prevents redness

• Refreshes, Moisturises the skin

• Smoothing feel with long lasting Freshness

• It’s fragrance would last hours after shaving

• Added Allantoin to prevent skin irritations

• Keeps the skin hydrated and protected all day

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